Cowboy Legends -
 Music & Poetry Festival

The 13th Annual Antelope Islands'
 Cowboy Legends,
Music & Poetry Festival
will be celebrating ranching history
 on the "Island". 

You are invited to step back through
 134 years of
Utah History, held at the
Historic Fielding Garr Ranch
 on Antelope Island
just northwest of Salt Lake City Utah.
May 25-28, 2018

My name is Darrell Holden. I am married to my wife of 22 years, Angie. We have 2 wonderful kids, Hailey our daughter, who is 15. And Dalton, our son, who is 11. We live on the edge of Utah's West Desert in Vernon, Utah.

We spend most of our time outside, riding, hunting, hiking and exploring this beautiful state and our neighbors out west. I am a proud 5th generation rancher that raises good cattle and sells beef to families throughout Utah and beyond.

I have served my community as a volunteer fire fighter for over 25 years. I have also served on our town council. I am a member of the Utah Cattlemen's association and served as President of the Tooele County Cattlemen's association for 2 years. I have served on the Tooele County Jr. Livestock Show committee and love watching the kids show their animals.

My greatest joy comes from family and being together somewhere far from the noise and commotion of town. My Grandparents had a plaque that hung in the living room of their ranch house that describes me to a tee....."North, south, east and west, with room to go and come. I liked my fellow man the best, when he was scattered some."

I love cowboy poetry and the traditions and heritage that I have the honor of continuing, with my own work on the ranch, or with my pen, when I write a new poem.

The west and ranching are simply in my DNA. Its a double recessive gene which I proudly carry. And i hope to pass my love of this lifestyle on to my kids and others I encounter along the way.
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