The 12th Annual Antelope Islands' Cowboy Legends,
Poetry & Music Festival
will be celebrating ranching history on the "Island". 
You are invited to step back through 133 years of Utah History on
historic Fielding Garr Ranch on Antelope Island just
northwest of Salt Lake City Utah.
May 26-29, 2017

Ken Wellard
Was born in Boise Idaho and presently live in Sandy Utah. Her grew up on a ranch located between Shoshone and Belllvue Idaho.  Ranch life consisted of herding cows in the summer on a an old black mare named Floss.  Floss was smarter than Ken and managed to dump him on a routine basis.  That old mare was his nemesis and is responsible for some of the poetry he writes today.  Ken is a member of the Cowboy Poets of Utah as well as the cowboy Poets of Idaho.  He has put on and been responsible for the Magic Valley Cowboy Poets Gathering at Hagerman Idaho for the past nine years.  He is a past recipient of the Silver Quill award for poetry which is presented by the cowboy pets of Idaho.
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