Cowboy Legends -
 Music & Poetry Festival

The 13th Annual Antelope Islands'
 Cowboy Legends,
Music & Poetry Festival
will be celebrating ranching history
 on the "Island". 

You are invited to step back through
 134 years of
Utah History, held at the
Historic Fielding Garr Ranch
 on Antelope Island
just northwest of Salt Lake City Utah.
May 25-28, 2018

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This Ugly Old Hat
by Brian Arnold
One of the first things I remember, I was in a Western store
I weren’t the cheapest in the place, some others was a whole lot more
A cowboy walked right up to me, and put me on his head
A perfect fit for both of us, just right, like Baby Bear’s bed
At first he only wore me when it called for bein fancy
Like goin out on the town and with his best gal dancin’
Then came the time at the rodeo, I wound up in the dirt
Then a calvin’ heifer one dark night, gave us both a squirt
Then I became his “go-to” hat, he wore me every day
The constant sun, the wind and rain made both of us pay
He took me in to J-Dub’s once, the place where I was born
Got cleaned and blocked, looked just like new, or at least not quite so worn
Then one mornin’ in a blizzard, out feedin the big herd
I got knocked off by the tractor door, and landed in a fresh cow t…pie
From then on it didn’t matter, even if he was really stuck
He didn’t save me from the mud, by leavin me in the truck
Then my creases started to soften, and they appeared upon his face
He still took me off and bowed his head whenever he’d say grace
I was always held across his heart each time he saw the flag
And pulled low on his forehead if he was ridin drag
Now we’re on a different tack, headed down into the city
To the Huntsman Cancer Institute, with the disease that has no pity
Some folks might call me ugly, others say well-used
But I’m on his head as we fight this fight, and I’ll never be accused
Of not bein there when he needs me, for comfort or for shade
So when he’s gone don’t throw me out, just leave me on his grave
It’s been a real good life for me, here on this cowboy’s head
I’m more than just a hat to him, I feel like I’m his friend
Every hat has it’s own story, some long and others short
But when we all get to hat heaven, we’d all like to report
That each one of us was useful, and each one did some good
Like raisin money to fight cancer, so be generous…if you could
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